Hello Again

I really didn’t mean for it to take so long between setting up a new blog and actually posting on it.

Since the girls have gone back to school I’ve been busy with several things.

First, I painted the deck with Behr’s DeckOver Paint.  My deck is HUGE…..like 450 sq. feet so it took me some time to get the required 2 coats on it.  I still need to do the benches and get everything back on the deck but I really do like the way it came out.  I promise I will post some pictures soon.

Second, my in-laws moved from South Carolina closer to our family in PA and I have been going out at least once a week to help them unpack and organize and decorate their new place.  They went from a 2900 square foot home to an 1100 square foot apartment and it hasn’t been easy for them.

Third, the dog……the dog ate his bed and got very sick.  Like almost surgery sick.  Then he ate 3/4 of a huge raw hide……..and got sick again….ugh, this dog.

Currently, I have several projects going on around the house (on top of all the normal stuff ie laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning that need to get down).

Hopefully I can share those with you soon.

Finally, I’m looking for a job.  UGH, the dreaded J word.  I don’t really want to work but I suppose I actually have to at this point.

I will try to post again tomorrow.  I’d really like this to become a “real” blog, like some of my favorites.







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