I’m in a funk

I’m sorry to whine but I’m in a funk.  If you saw my last post about my mom and the dog…I’ve been under a lot of stress lately.  Combine that with PMS……I’m just ick today.

I am the heaviest I’ve ever been and while I’m not obese….I am not comfortable or happy in my current weight.

I’m feeling old and frumpy, like I don’t know where I belong on the fashion scale.  Does that make sense?  Everywhere I turn everything is skinny skinny skinny.  

My hair is just a mess and I have no idea what to do with it.  I don’t like spending time on it but I just have no clue.  I can’t afford an uber fancy hair salon so I must rely on the talent of my current stylist and her basement.

Does anyone else ever feel like this or am I all alone in how I feel?

If you do…how do you make yourself feel better?





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