Losing my mind

Do you ever feel like you are losing you mind?

Feel so disorganized that you may never regain control?

Yeah…me to….so if you were looking for me to help you out….I can’t.  I just need to kvetch about it.

I work part time outside of the house and like any other mom, full time inside the house.  I love my job and my family….but things aren’t going very smoothly lately and I have to figure out how to change that.

There are piles of clean and dirty everywhere.

There are fall decorations that need to be organized and dealt with.

Papers are overflowing my countertops.

Dust elephants are growing at exponential rates due to the massive German Shepard that resides with us.

I dust, blink, turn around and need to dust again.

I just feel like I am loosing control.

Weekends are full of soccer…….really nothing else.

I really need/want to start meal planning and I haven’t found the time to search for meals to make let alone gather the ingredients needed to pre-prepare the meals.

I know I’m not alone in this and in many cases I probably have it easy.  My husband works from home and can help out.  My girls are not overly scheduled.

I just can’t seem to pull my sh!t together.

Any suggestions?

How do you all do it?


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1 Response to Losing my mind

  1. penfar says:

    Check out Flylady.net. She has an awesome way of organizing your home and life, stress free w/baby steps to get you started.

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