Today I am sad.

While trying to make a doctor’s appointment for my eldest, G, who was stung by something nasty on the soccer field yesterday and is dealing with a very swollen hand, I received news that a dear family friend had passed away.

It wasn’t unexpected.  It’s almost a blessing because he is no longer suffering.  But it is still difficult to hear and deal with.

He was one of the kindest, good hearted (is that even a word) men I’ve had in my life.

That, along with G and her swollen hand, are on my mind today, making it difficult for me to be productive at work.

It would be easier if the things I were trying to accomplish would actually work the right way for me.

But, alas, they won’t.

So, I will continue with my difficult day and hug my girls when I get home tonight.


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1 Response to Sad

  1. Christine says:

    What a nice thing to stumble upon all these years later 💗💗

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